Sabina Szkarłat
Freelance photographer, illustrator, graphic and motion designer working worldwide,
currently based in Keflavík, Iceland.

I'm Sabina. 
I love creativity in the very wide sense. I love observing the world and getting inspiration from it. It can be a typography on a façade, an ancient monument of art or even a tree creating fantastic shapes. I love all ideas that come with design and ingenuity. Creativity is absolute freedom and this is the best. 
I have spent the last 10 years in Kraków, where I have covered many topics in the field of art. 
I was studying graphic design, with a specialization in photography. I was managing a student photo agency in Krakow, where I was responsible for social media. I trained groups of interns, directed photographers at events. During this time, I organized many photo shoots for music bands and artists. I did product shoots, people shoots, landscape shoots, event shoots or absolutely crazy creative ideas. 
I am passionate about traditional photography - yes, on film :) I can develop film in the darkroom and expose the print. I use 35mm film cameras and medium format cameras. 
At the same time I started working in graphic design. Projects for brands and places, ads, banners, promotional gadgets. I have been working in advertising for a few years now, especially for international ecommerce clients. 
Recently I also started to make animations and short advertising films. Films is another field that I want to get to know as closely as possible and
want to grow in this regard.
In addition to the above, I paint and draw in a traditional way. I also practice calligraphy. It is a form meditation and peace.

Are you interested in working together? Let me know!
Nothing is impossible, we will certainly come up with something :) 


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